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For you and for us it is important to determine your exact language level. With the help of the inlingua placement test we will find out together.

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Learn English successfully in Augsburg

Coffee to go from the coffee shop. Quick briefing from colleagues. Off to the kick off meeting. Yes! Good feedback. Quickly to the fast food restaurant - through the drive-in and a big size menu with cheeseburger and chicken McNuggets. Mobile out and call the babysitter. After work party with all you can eat buffet. Small talk. Business as usual!

English is part of our everyday life and we encounter it at every twist and turn. Whether at school, at university, in your job or just normal everyday life: English is the number one global language. Especially in professional life, good English skills are increasingly becoming a “must have”. Would you like to learn English too? Or refresh and extend your English skills? No problem! Here at inlingua Augsburg you will receive professional English training from native speakers. You can choose from numerous types of courses, and so you receive exactly the right training for you and your schedule. Of course we will help you to choose the right course! You are very welcome. At inlingua Augsburg!

English individual training

Do you want English training where the focus is only on you and your learning tempo? And would you like training that is completely oriented towards your time constraints? Then inlingua English individual training is just the right course for you.

English Crash Intensity Programme®

Would you like to reach a certain language goal in English particularly quickly? And would you like intensive and targeted preparation for a certain communication situation in English? Then we recommend our Crash Intensity Programme®!

English group course

Are you looking for an English course where you learn stress free and with lots of fun with others in a group? Then book an inlingua English group course – and get to know lots of nice new people at the same time!

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English Intensive Clubs

An English course for anyone who needs to learn in a hurry! Only a week left until the interview? And you want to improve your English as quickly as possible? Then our English Intensive Clubs are just right for you!

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English for your job

Just the right course for anyone who needs English in their job, on the phone, to convince, negotiate, sell, write letters and e-mails, present, represent, persuade, small talk etc. 

Saturday Business Clubs English

Would you like to learn English for your job, but only have time at the weekend? No problem! Then our Saturday Business Clubs are perfect for you!

Business English with education voucher

inlingua Augsburg is certified by the HZA Hamburg as an educational institution in accordance with the German Recognition and Authorisation Ordinance for Continuing Education. Choose from GRAOCE certified programmes in the area of business English.

Document your English skills!

Would you like to gain an internationally recognised language qualification? Then the University of Cambridge exam or the TOEIC is the right one for you. Sit these exams directly here with us.

Or sit an inlingua exam within your language course: From A1 for beginners to C2 for the highest language level, you can be examined in all CEFR language levels at inlingua Augsburg, to obtain an inlingua certificate.

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