German course for beginners Augsburg (A1/A2)

Are you at the beginning of your journey with the German language or do you feel like a beginner who took their first steps years ago and now needs a refresher course? The German courses at our language school in Augsburg are tailored to your needs!

The challenges of German sentence structure, genders and subtle nuances in pronunciation can be intimidating at first - especially if the grammar rules seem complex compared to your native language.

Our German courses for beginners in Augsburg (learning levels A1 and A2) are designed to give you a solid basic understanding of the German language and help you feel more confident when speaking German. Let's explore the complexities of German together in individual or group lessons and discover the joy of learning German!

Your progress is the goal: learning German at A1/A2 level

In our German courses, you can expect an unrivalled learning experience at A1 and A2 level. Our experienced teachers not only have an excellent command of German, but also have a sound pedagogical training.

We create a learning environment that not only has your language skills in mind, but also takes your individual needs into account (e.g. focus on job-related vocabulary). Our dynamic teaching methods and well-thought-out lesson plans make complex topics understandable and boost your confidence.

At inlingua Augsburg you can be sure: your success takes centre stage.

German course A1 Augsburg: The foundations for confident German

Immerse yourself in the world of the German language with our German A1 course in Augsburg. This course is the starting point for your language journey and teaches you the essential basics of German.

From basic language structures to the first steps in communication - our syllabus will guide you through this exciting beginning. Our teachers are on hand to work with you to lay a firm foundation and give you the confidence to actively use German.

German course A2 Augsburg: Deepen and expand your knowledge.

Give your language journey a boost with our German A2 course in Augsburg. Here you will not only deepen your knowledge of German, but also use it actively in a variety of everyday situations. Focussing on active communication and refining your language skills, this course offers an advanced experience in using the German language.

Our experienced teachers are on hand to support you to strengthen your range of expression and give you confidence in a variety of contexts in German.

Test your German language skills with our free placement test!

Are you unsure which German course is best for you? No problem! Use our free placement test to determine your current language level. This test provides you with a precise assessment of your German language skills and enables us to offer you a customised course.

Beginner German courses for your individual needs

Our A1 and A2 German courses offer individualised opportunities for beginners to improve their language skills. Whether in day classes, evening courses or individual training - we are flexible and adapt to your schedule.

German day classes in Augsburg: Intensive and effective

Immerse yourself in the German language and maximise your progress with our German day classes in Augsburg. For those who want to learn quickly and intensively, these classes offer daily training to improve your language skills quickly. Experience an effective teaching approach that gives you the opportunity to master German in a short space of time.

German evening courses in Augsburg: relaxed learning in good company

Enjoy a relaxed and sociable learning experience in a group with our German evening courses in Augsburg. Here you not only have the opportunity to improve your German language skills, but also to make lots of new friends. Our evening courses offer a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn German in pleasant company and make interesting contacts.

Individual German training in Augsburg: Tailor-made for your success

If you are looking for customised training that focuses solely on you and your learning pace, our inlingua German one-to-one training is perfect for you. This course is flexible and adapts to your schedule and offers personalised attention. Experience personalised attention and optimise your learning progress with our one-to-one German training.

Certify your German language skills - with an inlingua certificate

Would you like to officially document your German language skills at A1 or A2 level? During your German course at inlingua Augsburg you have the opportunity to take an inlingua language test and then receive an inlingua certificate.

If you would like more information about inlingua examinations and certificates, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ready to expand your German repertoire? Discover our German course in Augsburg!

Are you ready to expand your language repertoire with our German course in Augsburg? Immerse yourself in a lively learning environment, experience high-quality lessons and strengthen your German language skills.

Our Augsburg language courses offer an intensive yet supportive learning experience to take your language skills to the next level. Sign up now and start your journey to new linguistic horizons!


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